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The mouth of the Derwent from a long way off

Over the weekend one of my favourite bloggers This Amazing Planet published an image from his latest foray into Tasmania’s south.  The location of his ‘viewing platform’ is indicated on the following Google map.

Hartz to Hobart.JPG

The post, titled View from Hartz Peak thru to the mouth of the Derwent River. Southern Tasmania , describes the scene accurately.

 I am in awe of Mark’s walk up to the top of Hartz Peak clambering over snow covered rocks and unreadable depressions in the ground.  But I am so very grateful to see this photograph.  Sensational.  It presents the Derwent River as a soft silvery ribbon.  Beautiful!

Danger – mostly it’s in the mind

“Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” – Helen Keller

The world is a wonderful place but not everyone is someone I want to meet, especially not when I am alone in remote or isolated areas of the landscape.  Through our population there are a small number of people who are addicted to drugs which can make them irrational and dangerous, there are others who find humour in physically hurting strangers, and there are a few who like to go in for the kill.  I do not want to be at the receiving end of any such activity.

When I first started writing the Walking the Derwent blog, I would provide advance information about which bus I was catching and from where.  Early blog followers pointed out to me this might be an encouragement to a weirdo to join me on my walks, and so I stopped giving out this information.

Then  one day I surrendered to those fears and stopped worrying: partly because I was well prepared for  most adverse circumstances. Despite the concerns of others,  all my walks have been safe.

For the past months I am sorry not to have been able to immerse myself in the stimulating isolation, the grandness of the sky and the clean freshness of our bush; instead for much of this year I have been hunched over the computer tapping out my books.  I am particularly grateful for the blogs of others who continue to photograph our wonderful Tasmanian bush nooks and crannies – especially those locations which few get to see. In particular I would like to draw your attention to This Amazing Planet .  Mark adds a photo or two each week and they never cease to amaze me – if you wanted another blog to follow then you will love the regular outpourings  from this site.

The inspirers

Congratulations to all the bloggers who celebrate the wonders of our world.  I hope those listed below may inspire my blog followers to be excited by the opportunities to see beautiful landscapes whether close to home or thousands of miles away.

In particular, I am inspired by all those who present Tasmania with glorious photographs and introductions to the geographical nooks and crannies that walkers, cyclists, rowers, kayakers, skiers, sailors and drivers find.  It has been my privilege this year to discover new sites, whose owners love what they find and then share it with the world.  Amongst these, you can find informative and stunningly beautiful photos of Tasmania’s Derwent River.

Here are some of my favourite blogs.

  • Showcasing Tasmania is No Visible Means
  • Traverse our life highlights more Tasmanian beauties by new arrivals to this State
  • This Amazing Planet presents photographs Tasmania, mainland Australia and more broadly overseas
  • The blog, Tasmanian Beaches is being written by a person who plans to find every Tasmanian beach by walking, cycling, sailing or kayaking.
  • For mainland Australia vistas, I love those posted by Solo Hiker. From Home to Roam
  • Life:Kitt shows me colourful photos of cities on mainland Australia
  • The couple of guys who write Everyday Adventures transport me to places in Australia and around the world, give me a new perspective on the familiar and encourage me to seek out more of the unfamiliar.

In addition, the photographs and written content of many overseas bloggers uplift me.  Some examples:

A few bloggers and I have developed a wonderful mutual adoration society because we enjoy what each of us shows in our blogs.  In particular, I love the blogs of

Perhaps you have found blogsites that inspire you. If you think they may interest me or other bloggers then please add the details in a comment to this posting.

The Derwent River at night

Tasmania’s bush, its coast and urban areas offer a photographer’s paradise at all times of day and night across the four seasons.

This Amazing Planet  is one of many blogs that show spectacular photographs of Tasmania’s flora, fauna and landscape. Go to Nightscape-Hobart for a stunning visual treat. Enjoy looking at part of the glorious Greater Hobart Area, at night, photographed from on top of Mount Wellington. Between the two sides of the city, the rich blue Derwent River passes on its way to Stormy Bay and then the sea. The brightly lit Tasman Bridge can be seen to join the two shore lines.