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Through travel, I have experienced the eccentricities of people and their environments around the world. At the same time, I love where I live. So, for people who cannot travel to discover the wonders of my home town, in Hobart Tasmania Australia, my latest blog is an attempt to introduce its exoticness.

My goal was to walk along both sides of Hobart’s Derwent River from the mouth to Bridgewater, and to walk to the source of the River near the southern end of Lake St Clair.  The walk was undertaken in stages around the other commitments of my life.  I wanted all stages of the walk to connect with Tasmanian public transport so that people, who do not have access to a vehicle, can replicate the walks. This blog reports on each stage in the hope it will inspire people to either follow in my steps or to create their own walking or other special project whereever they live.

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