The Derwent River will always be your guide if you choose to walk along its length, but sometimes it is difficult to walk directly next to the river; for example structures may be built to the edge, steep drop down cliffs may raise you many metres above the water, and gates and fences may make access impossibly impassable.  In addition, when the terrain forces you away from the river, the vegetation may be sufficiently dense so that you can get lost (without map and compass – and GPS if your technology allows).

If you choose to walk the entire length of Tasmania’s Derwent River you might consult one or more of the 17 maps which cover the territory. One value is that you learn the name and shape of landmarks. Have a look at the list below:


2 thoughts on “Maps

  1. theoldfellowgoesrunning

    Noticed the “prepared by Tasmanian Traveller”. You did great job putting this all together, 17 maps is a lot.
    The longer I follow your blog, the more I am realizing this is a major undertaking. There sounds like no actual trails. Have much respect for this undertaking!


    1. Tasmanian traveller Post author

      In walking the Derwent through the suburbs of the Greater Hobart Area, there was almost always a roadway or walking track to follow. The next stage of my walk from New Norfolk to Gretna will be the last that I expect to walk on a regular roadway (next to on the road verge, if not on). There will be no pedestrian walkways on that stage. From then on in future stages I will be walking on private agricultural property and maybe from time to time on a couple of those early stages I will find 4 wheel drive tracks that the farmers use to get around their properties. In the final walking stages, I may come across some gravel roads produced by the forestry industry for logging our original native forests. But mostly I will be making my own way according to the topography. Thankfully the Derwent River will be the guide and so, with the exception of two stages where I will have to go inland to catch a bus along the Lyell Highway, I don’t think I can get lost. But until I walk these stages I am only guessing at the possibilities.

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