There is more to GASP beside the Derwent River than perhaps seen in first inspection

During Stage 10 of my walk along the edge of the Derwent River and a few minutes before 9am I had walked to Wilkinson’s Point the mostly southern end of the GASP (Glenorchy Arts and Sculpture Park) where I was surprised to discover a redeveloped structure which now forms part of the GASP experience. This was the construction site used for the building of the Bowen Bridge which crosses the Derwent River nearby.

Now, from time, contemporary art installation exhibitions are staged here.  In fact, I expect to see something there in the next week as part of the extraordinary internationally acclaimed MOFO festival (refer  The MOFO program indicates that this Friday Jan 16 at midday The Tea Cube will introduce a portable tatami tearoom for a spiritual brew.

I wandered around this site in amazement.

20150109_085808  20150109_08582020150109_085816

With my back to the Derwent River I took the following photograph with clouds over part of Mount Wellington.


I loved the colour of the surface ‘weeds’.


And then it was time to begin to wander southwards again back on a non -path, which some readers will recognise from my video of walking feet.  In the photo below you can see the low structure of the ex-construction site, as a dark line separating the land from the water.


Looking northwards and back to the ex-construction site.


Part of the new repurposed structure has been cantilevered over the Derwent River.


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