Iron Pot Lighthouse

My wonderful walk from the mouth to the source of the Derwent River seems long past, however from time to time a blog reader refers me to new information.  Thanks Mary for these leads. If you read here and here you will learn more about the history of the Iron Pot Lighthouse.

People who have read my earlier posts will know that I judged the tip of land opposite the Iron Pot to be the ‘mouth’ of the river on the northern/eastern side. I had to walk there from South Arm before my walk along the length of the river from the mouth could start. Here is one of the photos I took of the Iron Pot that day.


The Iron Pot enters into the consciousness of many at this time of year.  On Boxing Day the annual Sydney to Hobart international yacht race will get underway.  After the yachts reach Tasmania and have sailed down the east coast, eventually they turn north west into Storm Bay. Not long after, the race organisers will be reporting yachts are in the vicinity of the Iron Pot. I expect the maxi yachts could start rounding the Iron Pot this Friday if they get a dream run.

If you would like to see this rocky outcrop up close without walking, take a Pennicott boat tour from Hobart (


4 thoughts on “Iron Pot Lighthouse

  1. Canuck Carl

    Thank you for sharing. I also enjoyed reading the history of Iron Pot Lighthouse from the 2 links that you shared. Quite the feat to build the lighthouse on solid rock back in 1832. The home built for the lighthouse keepers was so amazing. Would have been such an amazing life being a lighthouse keeper.

    Lots of changes I am sure with yacht races instead of merchant ships plying the waters.

    Hope you are well! 🙂


    1. Tasmanian traveller Post author

      For a short while I had a fascination with lighthouse keeping but realised the lack of easy reliable access to the internet would not suit me. Nevertheless the bracing winds and the isolation would suit me. But that’s in this time period. Imagining the experience 200 or more years ago – well it would have been so raw and dangerous then. Cheers, Helen

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