From Catagunya to Wayatinah – post 3 of 4


I followed a road aiming to intersect with the transmission lines ready to follow that towards Wayatinah to the extent it would be possible.  Massive heavily forested gullies made continued close access to Lake Catagunya (full of Derwent River water) impossible.


Even the cleared area wasn’t clear enough for anyone to walk through on foot, although it was sufficiently clear to keep the power lines unaffected.


When I stood on high, misty wisps reshaped distant hills and threatened to obliterate views of Lake Catagunya. Fortunately I could always see its glistening surface way below.



On top of the second last hill before reaching Wayatinah Power Station, the western end of Lake Catagunya appeared through the clouds.


Before long the metal pipeline streaming water into the Wayatinah Power Station became visible.


Often the bush was amazingly quiet. This film  seems to be without sound. Only near the end can the faint crarking of a crow be heard.  This bush silence was an unexpected beauty of my day from Catagunya to Wayatinah.

6 thoughts on “From Catagunya to Wayatinah – post 3 of 4

    1. Tasmanian traveller Post author

      Yes it was. You know how I prefer the blue sky days but I was very happy with the look of the landscape under wisps of cloud. Most attractive. Good to hear from you – are you back in Tasmania again?

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            1. Tasmanian traveller Post author

              Hi Ruth I have now posted over 30 stories with photos on the Touching the Tarkine blog – so there’s a lot of reading and looking to do. Unlike the hey day of my walkingthederwent blog where a new post appeared every day, I am only posting every second day on the Tarkine adventure. You will see on the horizontal menu lots of information options as well. Happy reading.

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