Back to the Florentine River

Last year I wrote (The Florentine River flows into the Derwent Riverabout my walk from the Wayatinah Power Station westwards along the north/ eastern side of the Derwent River until I passed the point where the Florentine River entered opposite.  To cover the total distance from the Power Station to the Derwent River near the town ship of Wayatinah, more recently I walked on the south/western side of the Derwent River along the Florentine Road from near the Florentine River.  This short and easy walk, took me mostly uphill on a good gravel road, and allowed me to look down on the running Derwent.  Not a soul on the road, just the sound of birds and gushing water.


Thanks to Deb, I was chauffeured to the Florentine River which meant I didn’t need to retrace my steps on that walk. That Florentine River is quite lively.

20160115_112146Florentine river.jpg

20160115_112155 Florentine River.jpg

Soon after leaving the Florentine, a thicket of bush fills the space between the road and the Derwent River.



As I walked I could see the river below. However now, in the photographs, the colour of the water and the shape of the river rocks blend with the vegetation colours so that I find it almost impossible to identify the water.  But trust me it’s there in the photos below.




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