Changes to the Florentine landscape

The tall straight native trees on the upside of Florentine Road were majestic and commanding.  In many ways these were ‘the finds’ of the day as I walked towards the bridge over the Derwent near the township of Wayatinah.




But elsewhere on the upside of the road were the marks of degradation of the original native vegetation for forestry purposes.  Acres of land across so many hills have been cleared. It was not a pretty sight.

20160115_113111 Left turn to houses and buildings near Derwent Florentine junction.jpg




Road signs alert motorists to expect great log trucks on this road – from experience they do not drive slowly and take up much of the road because they do not expect to see other vehicles. So caution and care is important.  Motorists also need to be watchful in case one of the remaining trees should fall across the road unexpectedly.  After drenching rains, the hold of the root systems of trees into the ground can be weakened. If windy weather follows, then trees may topple.


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