Enjoying Little Howrah Beach on Stage 4 of my walk along the Derwent River

It was a relief to arrive at the calm peaceful Little Howrah Beach, after the constancy of the rock hopping stage around Howrah Point.  Looking back in the direction from where I had walked, the photo below shows my view across five kilometres of Derwent Harbour towards Mount Wellington and Hobart city beneath.


I sat on a boulder and comfortably munched on some morning tea snacks.  The serenity of this Beach was remarkable.


Across the road from the Beach I could see a tiny shopping centre: including a newsagent, pharmacy, hair salon and paint shop.  Public Toilets were located closer to the northern end of the Beach.


Once walking again, the end of the 200 metre sandy beach was reached quickly and I picked a path through a short cluster of rocks before coming again onto the sand.  At this point I had choices; I could walk up to the Shoreline Shopping Centre for a drink or continue along the 1.2 kilometre Howrah Beach.

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