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Buses in southern Tasmania – tips for their use

In communicating with some people, it has become clear that using the local public bus service makes them nervous. They don’t know how it works and therefore they are cautious about following in my footsteps as I walk in Stages, along the Derwent River.  I have written some tips which might allay fears. You can read these at:


If you have a question concerning my experience with bus travel in southern Tasmania, don’t hesitate to ask.  I sold my car almost 4 years ago, so I have considerable experience getting around using public transport.

Bus/public transport lovers

There are a few of us, and yesterday the internet was running wild with a story of another bus lover.  Did you hear about the black Labrador who gets on a bus and knows when to get off at the Dog Park bus stop, and does this trip regularly in Seattle without her owner – much to the delight of all the passengers and driver.  You can read more at http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/home/eclipse-the-black-labrador-takes-herself-to-park-in-seattle-on-bus/story-fngwib2y-1227184034770  I guess the regulations are different in Seattle from those in Tasmania; she had her feet on the seats!!!!  People get thrown off buses for less.  Perhaps it is time we loosened up here.