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More natural beauties stages 11 -14

As some followers remarked on earlier postings, my selection of past photos on different walk stages has given me a chance to ‘relive’ the experiences. Here are some favourites from the last 4 stages of my walk along the Derwent River.


I love the Hobart wharf area with its crab and other fishing vessels.


I love the pretty 19th century buildings lining Hunter St, one of the first settled areas in Hobart.


I love the drama of the Federation Concert Hall where the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra presents great performances.


No water is spared. The Parliamentary gardens are always lush and green.

20150119_084657 20150119_101600

I love the juxtaposition of the old and new: at Wrest Point Casino; at Lower Sandy Bay’s Blinking Billy against new modern houses.

20150119_085149 20150119_100336

Fresh beaches. Serenity.

20150119_095728 20150119_130442

Public sculpture.

20150119_124053 20150202_142013

Coastal walking tracks.


Great signage


The heritage listed Shot Tower near Taroona


A rough bark and branch ‘hut’ near a track. Shelter from any rain?


Natural rock caves


Dramatic viewpoints


The sun. The reflections.


Looking at, listening to, smelling the bush.

20150413_140030 2015-04-13 15.11.08

And I appreciate the glories of introduced trees and man-made vistas.

Collectively these images provide a reminder of what sits beside the Derwent River as it flows from New Norfolk to its mouth.

Straight Up (from the Derwent River?)

When I find a good thing/place/event, I try to discern a connection with the Derwent River so that I can write a blog post.  A lunchtime restaurant named ‘Straight Up’, where I enjoyed a wonderful vegetarian meal yesterday with a friend, is one such place.  It is located in Liverpool St, Hobart between Harrington and Barrack St and is not in sight of the Derwent River.  But my friend An gave me the clue:  she said the restaurant is located ‘straight up’ Elizabeth St from the wharf on the Derwent River, and then straight up Liverpool.  After the meal, I walked ‘straight’ down Liverpool and turned right into Harrington St, then straight down and through St David’s historic Park and the Parliamentary Gardens to the water’s edge of the Derwent River.

Why is this restaurant ‘Straight Up’ worth mentioning?

Partly because the service provided by the waiters and other staff is fast, to the point, helpful, informative, and obliging. Mostly because the good clean vegetarian food has been transformed into sophisticated tasty dishes. The food is presented attractively but simply so that it doesn’t appear as if Masterchef contestants have been in the kitchen. There is plenty of food on the plate without seeming like it’s a dump from a smorgasbord. And perhaps because my friend and I always seem to be given a seat in the window (yes we have been before and we are working our way through the menu) away from other patrons. The ambience is one of space and privacy so that we relax over our meal.

You can visit ‘Straight Up’ for breakfast or lunch. Reservations are not required, although you may need to wait until someone leaves before you get a table.

More information and photos are available on http://www.designful.com.au/uncategorized/straight-up/,

https://www.facebook.com/straightupcoffeeandfood, and


I found a ratings page at http://www.eatability.com.au/hobart/cafes/straight-up-coffee-food/ indicating other people think like I do.  Although I might have awarded 10/10 ratings.