Glorious photos of Meadowbank Lake


Meadowbank Lake is the last expanse of water that has been dammed for hydro power generation purposes, before Hobart.  A good, but narrow bitumen road (Ellendale Road) crosses Meadowbank Lake near its inland western extremity.




This glorious sight is easily accessible from the Lyell Highway on the northern/eastern side of the Derwent River, or via the tiny towns of Glenora and Ellendale on the southern/western side.

Looking westwards:




Looking eastwards:




I have written about Meadowbank Lake before and previously included photos.  The photos in this post were taken one day after completing a walk further inland. I was being driven back to Hobart along the Lyell Highway, and then we deviated by crossing the Lake and proceeding to Ellendale to buy freshly picked raspberries and blueberries.

Only on one occasion have I passed by this Lake under cloud.  Even then, the more sombre colour of the Lake and the less vivid greens, greys and beiges of the landscape were still most attractive.  There are picnic spots either side of the Lake, and public toilets on the Lyell Highway side.  A wonderful location for solo or family visits.

10 thoughts on “Glorious photos of Meadowbank Lake

    1. Tasmanian traveller Post author

      This is a Lake which is easily accessible but because it is a few kilometres away from the highway I believe very few Tasmanians will have seen it; they will have whizzed past the turn off and continued west or east on the highway totally oblivious to its existence or how sensational it is.


  1. Canuck Carl

    This is beautiful. So wonderful to see it so accessible and undeveloped. In my area of Canada such a lake would be built up with houses and cottages. Superb photos! 🙂


    1. Tasmanian traveller Post author

      Thanks for your comment. None of the surrounding area has yet been subdivided or rated residential. It is all still farmland, mostly with sheep, cattle and some crops. But I have no doubt that one day (hopefully many years from now so I don’t have to see it) that it will be built around and therefore the beauty spoilt.

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