Has the river of blogs dried up? Is my write up of the walks along the Derwent River over?

from MountWellington.jpg

 This wonderful image of ‘Hobart from Mt Wellington’ is the work of Tourism Tasmania and Garry Moore. This free photo has unrestricted copyright.

Has the river of blogs dried up?  Is my write up of the walks along the Derwent River over? The answer to both questions is no.

For a long time, blog followers have received a daily post covering my experiences after I have walked sections of the terrain from the mouth to the source of Tasmania’s Derwent River, plus my additional writings about various aspects of the social and natural history of the Derwent River.  Yesterday and this morning were a rude shock for some Australians – no blog post to absorb over the breakfast cuppas– and for my overseas followers spread across many countries, their regular daily dose arrived at many different times depending on the time zone in which they live.

Have I run out of stories to tell, descriptions to give and photos to show? The answer is a resounding no. I have much more to expose. Please be assured that you have not seen the sights of all the kilometres of the Derwent River, nor heard about all its challenges, in my blog yet.  So why the absence of new posts?

I have committed to another major project which cannot wait any longer for my sustained action. I like huge projects.

Last year I discovered that the first Tyzack in my line (3 different lines came to Australia from England in the 19th century) arrived at Port Melbourne 150 years ago this coming December.  Impulsively I decided (without research or planning just as I conceived the idea to walk the length of the Derwent River) to organise a family gathering later this year for all my great great grandfather’s descendants spread across Australia. Two family members agreed to support me –thankfully one has prepared a family tree. The Tyzack 150th anniversary organisation is now my priority, because there is a book to be put together and published, field trip guides to be developed, and much more – I still haven’t received responses to my introductory letters from most of the over 100 living descendants (almost all whom I have never heard of leave alone know) so I have a big job ahead tracking them down and getting them onside and involved.

This family event is scheduled early in October – so, if not before then, from mid-October onwards I expect to continue writing up the Derwent River walking blog stories.  Probably I won’t be able to restrain myself so that, from time to time, a post may appear.

The photo below taken by Michelle shows the eastern shore mouth of the Derwent River, Cape Direction (on the right) and the Iron Pot islet sits out within Storm Bay.



6 thoughts on “Has the river of blogs dried up? Is my write up of the walks along the Derwent River over?

  1. Catherine Udovicic

    Well thanks Helen. All the very best with the family reunion arrangements. What a job, but I know you’re up for the task.


    1. Tasmanian traveller Post author

      Thanks Cath. Lovely to hear from you.I miss writing the blog so much, and there is still so much of my walk to write up. And then additional stories about the Derwent keep popping into my view and I want to blog them. But my priority for now is clear. Still, once I have designed and published the Tyzack anniversary book in the next couple of months I may have some time to catch up and write the additional posts. I very much hope so. The fictional novel which will arise from the data of my Derwent River walk is percolating through my brain – but I have to stop thinking about it. For now. Only for now.


  2. Catherine Merrick

    Good luck with the family reunion – quite a daunting task. The 200th anniversary of our first arrival will be in 2022 but I doubt I have the energy to take on a reunion, especially as our lot were prolific and healthy. The man who arrived in 1822 in NSW ended up in Tasmania and lived at the Springs on Mt Wellington from the late 1850s to 1882. When your reunion is over, if you feel like taking on Mt Wellington… Hope you blog about your novel too.


    1. Tasmanian traveller Post author

      What we will be doing is recognising an event of 150 years ago. Most of us have never heard of each other leave alone met, so the events won’t be a reunion. I am particularly grateful for a cousin who had developed a fairly current family tree – every week I find one or two new children/babies but the tree is pretty solid – and I am immensely grateful for my access to the electoral roll to find all these people (and then there is Facebook of course for those who seem not to registered to vote). But meanwhile every day in our local paper are stories relating to the Derwent which I must write up. But the priority is clear – the Tyzack anniversary book as to be published first and then the anniversary events must be organised. Never a dull moment! Maybe by 2020 you might reconsider and do something for your family 200th??? No decisions are needed now – except I would say my greatest challenge has been getting photos out of all the stranger dispersed across Australia. If I was you I would start now if you think a photographic record is a good idea. Besides you have at least one very interesting man – fancy living in the wilds of MT Wellington in the 19th century – a tough one!


  3. Canuck Carl

    I commend you so much for your stamina and endurance, not only on your expedition but also on your writing so thoroughly about it in your blog. My posts are so infrequent, and am amazed how you keep going not only with your hiking, but also your writing, which is so interesting and informative..

    Family events are so important, and a 150th anniversary on your ancestors arrival is HUGE. So much respect you are taking this project on, and glad you have the support of the 2 family members. Hoping you will be able to track these family members down, and when October rolls around, it will be a tremendous occasion! 🙂



    1. Tasmanian traveller Post author

      Hi Carl, Thanks for your comment. While I am working on the 150th anniversary book (which contains photos mostly and not much of my writing) and anniversary events I am not doing much writing. I loved the blog writing for my Walking the Derwent project and miss continuing to do so. Other followers have told me they have experienced withdrawal pains not getting the daily blog. I am hopeful to get the Tyzack book finished by the end of June and maybe just maybe I can return to writing up those walks along the Derwent I have completed but have not yet written. I hope my photos will be enough to reconstruct those gap walks.



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