Mirror smooth waters of Kangaroo Bay, an inlet off the Derwent River

Last weekend, when I walked to Bellerive Village via the Bellerive Yacht Club and Boardwalk, I was stunned by the beauty of the view.  The water in the marina was smooth as glass.  The yachts were clear edged by the crisp air and hard bright morning sun.  Despite puffs of cloud obscuring full vision of Mount Wellington in the distance, the vista was spectacular.

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4 thoughts on “Mirror smooth waters of Kangaroo Bay, an inlet off the Derwent River

    1. Tasmanian traveller Post author

      If you come down to Hobart and want to walk alone that’s fine.If you would like to walk with me on part of a section of my walk that you are interested in, then let me know on walkingthederwent@gmail.com and perhaps we can connect up. I just enjoyed a few hours a couple of weeks ago having a relook at GASP and MONA, accompanied by a New Yorker who follows my blog.

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      1. suzannebowditch

        Thank you 🙂 I aim to visit the Port Arthur historical prison, I am writing a book (fiction) from the perspective of a woman convict, and am bringing my hubby and daughter with me, We aim to come down August for just a long weekend. I am so enjoying your blog!


        1. Tasmanian traveller Post author

          I imagine you know that in South Hobart there are the buildings which housed the convict women’s female factory? If not, more information is at http://www.femalefactory.org.au/. The extensive volunteer involvement there and research already undertaken should be of interest. I don’t know when you started reading my blog but I did add some bits in a very early posting https://walkingthederwent.com/2014/09/05/stage-2-on-492014-william-gellibrands-convicts-email-8-of-14/



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