Stage 3 Concluding the Trywork Point walk 20 September 2014 Posting 6 of 6

I walked for 3 hours and around 6 – 7 kilometres today. A comparatively short walk. But a walk of discovery of what not to do and what to do.

Approximately eleven kilometres of the Derwent River were walked on the South Arm Peninsula and today I covered a further 3 kilometres of the River’s length.  So far, 15.5 kilometres of the 249 kilometres have been accounted for on the eastern side of the Derwent River.  This includes the watery gap between Gellibrand Point and Trywork Point.

Note that there are no public toilets on this Trywork Point walk. There are no shops or other public facilities. Therefore it is important to take a supply of water, food, and a range of protective clothing for all weathers.


This is my pick of the photographs taken today – it looks marvellous as a screen saver. The tufty moving grasses contrasted against the soft clouds scudding across the blue sky.


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