United effort for a clean River Derwent

This morning’s local newspaper The Mercury published a story about cleaning up the Derwent River. Please check out the site, at least to see a grand picture of the Derwent with the eastern shore in the distance, the Tasman Bridge and swimming black swans in the foreground. Go to: http://www.news.com.au/national/tasmania/united-effort-for-a-clean-river-derwent/story-fnn32rbc-1227069149722

You will read that the Derwent Estuary Program, established in 2001, is an attempt to reduce heavy metal contamination, encourage better urban planning to reduce river pollution and conserve animal habitats. There are some significant industrial sites such as Nyrstar zinc works and the Norske Skog paper mill located on the edge of the River, all of which I will walk past at some stage as I walk the River’s length.

1 thought on “United effort for a clean River Derwent

  1. marybuchananbailey

    Congrats on making it to the open door of relax and delight. And who knows what. And walking the Derwent. Gorgeous weather to greet you and I remember the time you and that boorish fellow cleaned up the edges of the Derwent all those years ago out at the DEC site. Cant remember his name, how the years vanish.



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