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The Derwent River flows over a rocky bed


As I walked closer to Wayatinah, two ‘runways’ for the water became clear.

One extended from the Wayatinah Lagoon Dam wall and this was dry. I was glad that last year I had walked around the Lagoon Dam wall and understood how the wide spill-over channel was configured, otherwise seeing the massive dry rocky bed below would not have made sense.



Then, at a point, I could see the Wayatinah Lagoon in the middle distance.



The other ‘runway’ came from I knew not where and this was the strand which had water flowing along it. To the left of the dry rocky bed the River ran – and I can see it in the photos below.




By the time I reached the spot where I took the preceding photograph, it was clear that another dam wall was raised at right angles to the one shown in front of the Lagoon earlier in this post.  I imagined that water was being released from the Lagoon at this wall to create the flow.

Further walking released more of that dam wall to view.


20160115_124954.jpgAnd down below, the Derwent River chuckled along.