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From Lowestoft Bay to Cameron Bay

Before leaving Lowestoft Bay, I looked up through the rain showers to see three Pelicans fishing on the water.


A temporary stop under a gazebo offered no respite from the off and on again rain nor the fierce wind bursts. By 3.15pm I reached the start of the Berriedale Caravan Park. I followed the road through from Lowestoft Bay to Cameron Bay and was accompanied by a very persistent duck.

The Duck

I was worried s/he might follow me home but after a few hundred metres the duck dropped off the pace.

Before long I was walking away from the Caravan Park on the gravel road towards the Berriedale Sewage Treatment Works.  What a pong hung around this area!

20141125_151751 20141125_152409  20141125_152417

I hurried past the fenced-in nasal offender and around a barred gate designed to prevent vehicular traffic. The sign warning fishermen to be careful indicated to me that public access was acceptable.

By 3.30pm I reached the point where the southern end of Cameron Bay meets with the main flow of the Derwent River. I sat above the water’s edge, admired the views and contemplated where I had been and considered how much further I could travel on the 9th stage.