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Season’s greetings

When I am in Hobart on Christmas Day, as I will be this year, I make a point of finding time to walk along Bellerive Beach which forms one border with the Derwent River.   I love the bonhomie of people who walk there that day. Good spirits abound. I can almost hear their bodies groaning from eating too much Christmas food. Many are happily dragged onwards by joyful dogs that are delighted to be out in the fresh air. All of this is a wonderful spirit lifter – the goodwill of people, their gambolling dogs, the grand Mount Wellington in view over the water, and the lapping sound and salty smell of the blue river.

For some people Christmas is a happy time, for others it is surrounded by sadness, and for many people Christmas Eve or Christmas Day is a rush of stressful events.  Of course a person’s level of interest and engagement with Christmassy activities depends on religious persuasion and so some people are never involved in the festivities.  But if Christmas is your thing, then I hope you have rituals with family and friends that relax you and, if not, then I urge you to find a way to be calm.  All in all, I wish everyone happiness during the Christmas season.

And what are you doing in the week before Christmas?

Life before Christmas this year is conspiring to prevent me from taking a much-longed-for next walk along the Derwent River. Stage 10 seems so elusive. A weird flattish cloud hovers over Mount Wellington and the Derwent River is a silvery expanse striped with white ridges blown up by the wind. The sun is out and the temperature warm.  Perfect for walking.  Last week the problem was the weather and this week it is my unexpected and changing commitments that are delaying further exploration. So … apologies to my followers for the lack of new stories of discovery. Meanwhile, I hope you are making some of your own in your local area.