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Higher and higher

Eventually I began to crest the hill and behold vistas on the Lyell Highway side of the hill. Glimpses of the Derwent River appeared from time to time.

20150918_125951 20150918_125954

20150918_125958 20150918_130424

Amidst the rolling cleared paddocks with their sheep, one was cultivated.

20150918_130121 20150918_130544


I wasn’t sure of the vegetable but it seemed as if the crop was cabbages bolting towards seeding.  Rather strange they were not picked earlier.  Were they intended to be animal feed?

The afternoon was glorious.  The spring blue sky colour, the variations in the landscape, the occasional jigsaw pieces of Derwent River which popped into view, and the rural quietness were splendid.


Culinary beauty

Recently, when I read Livia Day’s A Trifle Dead, I discovered a sub-genre of novels previously unknown to me: culinary crime. Across our planet, a move from selfies to photographing what you eat is trending.  And so many of us think about food all the time and love to see colour on our plates. As a result, I am inspired to take a break from the chronological postings about my last walk and introduce a food which barely has a connection with my walk.

An earlier blog post showed me passing the property Linden.  Over the Derwent River from Linden is the area known as Hayes, made memorable because until 2012 it housed a minimum security farm prison. I was surprised when I strolled through the Bathurst Street Farmers Market recently. A table full of beautiful red cabbage heads lay before me.  When I chatted to the growers, I learned these cabbages were grown on their property which borders the Derwent at Hayes.

Back home, I chopped a salad and prepared to cook a small salmon steak.  Organically grown, delicious, clean and fresh.

20150929_094412 20150929_100320