Higher and higher

Eventually I began to crest the hill and behold vistas on the Lyell Highway side of the hill. Glimpses of the Derwent River appeared from time to time.

20150918_125951 20150918_125954

20150918_125958 20150918_130424

Amidst the rolling cleared paddocks with their sheep, one was cultivated.

20150918_130121 20150918_130544


I wasn’t sure of the vegetable but it seemed as if the crop was cabbages bolting towards seeding.  Rather strange they were not picked earlier.  Were they intended to be animal feed?

The afternoon was glorious.  The spring blue sky colour, the variations in the landscape, the occasional jigsaw pieces of Derwent River which popped into view, and the rural quietness were splendid.


2 thoughts on “Higher and higher

    1. Tasmanian traveller Post author

      Yes I was pleased to have the ‘grand’ views of the landscape. Next to the water I would never have appreciated the dramatic way the River cuts along the country. As sore as my feet were, I think I was lucky not to be picking my way over rocks and through dense vegetation.

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