Between Wayatinah and Catagunya Power Stations- posting 2 of 6

Throughout the walk between the Wayatinah and Catagunya Power Stations, a number of creeks cut across the power line easement creating deep gullies with their own special environments of thick forests. In some spots these make progress slow.

Only the first creek had running and potable water. The other creek beds were dry and even if water had flowed, the extensive plantation forests or agricultural lands where chemicals are used, sit upstream so it would have been inadvisable to drink the water.

Long term readers know how on my walks I have been able to see the Derwent River (and its lakes and dams)  but in almost all cases I could not reach it to refill my water bottles.  The escarpments, rocks, steepness and dense vegetation to the water’s edge prevented access.  With that constraint plus finding dry creek beds, managing my water supply was always a challenge.  Water, water everywhere/over there but not a drop to drink!  Despite the weight of water, I strongly advise anyone walking inland in Tasmania in summer to carry plenty of water.


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