Time to set up camp– towards Wayatinah post 7 of 9

Less than a kilometre downstream from the entrance of Beech Creek, a number of islands sit midstream.  As the day progressed it became clear that it would not be possible to complete the descent to Wayatinah within one day. The walk was increasingly slow and the concentration required to make each step safely, increased fatigue.

As the hillsides closed in and became steeper, the opportunities for a suitable campsite became more limited. At 6.30 pm Andrew came across a delightful flat glade in rainforest on an island. It was a bit early to stop with only 9 km covered, but it was too good a spot to pass by and 8 hours of hard work seemed to justify the stop. The tent was pitched and, after a quick meal of miso soup and ‘beige’ flavoured dried food, the map was checked to determine the plan for the following morning. Then it was off to bed and straight to sleep in the midst of the constant comforting sound of water rushing by.


A better camping spot would be hard to find!


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