Tea from Linden flowers

When I walked from New Norfolk to Bushy Park, I passed a property named Linden.  You can reread my post and the informative additional comments provided by blog followers.

Not long afterwards, a local friend exclaimed with surprise when I informed her that I did not know what a Linden tree looked like, and that I had never drunk tea brewed from Linden tree flowers.  Imagine my pleasure when, one day, Alex called by with a bag of dried linden flowers.  They seemed to possess an ethereal beauty. Out came my camera and here are the resulting photos.




The tea was delicate but refreshing. Most enjoyable. Thanks Alex.

2 thoughts on “Tea from Linden flowers

  1. Chantale

    I grew up in Europe drinking linden tea. It is good for the kidneys, waterworks….it is called the Maria Tree, dedicated to the virgin. In the olden days it was often put at the crossings of paths in the fields but when the Christian church became more powerful it was often replaced by a wayside shrine to the virgin as it was seen as too pagan….sometimes people used the wood of the Linden to make the statue of Mary for the shrine.



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