Meadowbank Lake is a gem


Meadowbank Lake is the closest to Hobart of the six large dammed water masses along the Derwent River. It is also the easiest to access via a bitumen road (Dawson’s Road) that exits from the Lyell Highway between the towns of Hamilton and Ouse.  I have now passed this area many times and strongly recommend it for a picnic or a flying visit.

The views from the eastern/northern side





The views from the middle of the bridge/causeway





The views from the western/southern side









4 thoughts on “Meadowbank Lake is a gem

  1. Canuck Carl

    So amazing. I love seeing lakefront that has no development along it’s shores. I don’t think there is anywhere in my area that has lakefront which does not have houses all along the shores.

    So wonderful to see these pictures. Such a beautiful area! 🙂



    1. Tasmanian traveller Post author

      This Lake is particularly good because of the easy public access, yet few Tasmanians have been there or know about it. My drivers to the locations without public transport have discovered a whole new world and they have been loving it. Meadowbank Lake is one of those gorgeous places. At the moment the sides of the Lake are owned by a handful of farmers with extensive acreages – for sheep, for cattle and sometimes but rarely for crops. Access to their properties is extremely limited. I cant imagine any of them selling up so the edges shall stay beautifully unbuilt upon.

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