Cluny Dam

Cluny Dam holds back the water of Cluny Lagoon.  Compared to other dam walls and other lagoons on the Derwent River, these are comparatively small.  The Cluny Dam wall is easily accessible by driving from the Lyell Highway down Lake Repulse Road and then making a left hand turn onto a road which takes you to the water.

20151029_155825.jpg 20151029_160029.jpg


The westward end of the Lagoon finishes slightly east of Lake Repulse Dam further upstream.  Parts of the shore line are open forested and there are no walking challenges heading westward around the Lagoon, if you walk on the northern side (the side you arrive at from the Lyell Highway).  The river distance covered between Cluny and Lake Repulse Dams is a mere 4 kms.  Private property and creeks will make the southern side less accessible for walking.

Michelle’s aerial photo shows the beautiful Cluny Lagoon. The Cluny Dam Power Station structure is roughly  located in the middle of the photograph.

PA280086Cluny dam and lagoon.JPG

Chantale’s aerial photo shows the Cluny Dam.

IMG_3895Cluny dam.JPG

This is an extremely picturesque part of the world and one that is easily accessible by car for blog followers who want to take a picnic and enjoy the scenery.

Hydro Tasmania offers a technical factsheet about Cluny Power Station.

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