Lake King William

Lake King William map

At the lower edge of my aerial photo below sits the Clark Dam with Lake King William backed up behind. The photo also shows clearly the road/track to be taken westwards to walk along the edge of the Lake.


Behind the massive curved wall of Clark Dam sits millions of tonnes of water in a glorious expanse that extends over 15 kilometres northwestwards.



At the boat ramp, a sign provides information for visitors.


The water level of the Lake is extremely low.



I loved the silver grey driftwood on the rocky shore and imagined the creation of rustic furniture.  That might become my next project.


The views across the Lake were sensational.





I should have chosen a panoramic photo option.  Fortunately my chauffeur and companion walker Andrew did take such a stunning shot.

Andrews Lake King William panorama 1451 (1)

While there was no-one else around during our visit, this fireplace was an obvious sign of past visitors.


I expect to walk the length of Lake King William solo before Christmas: 15 km ‘as the crow flies’, and possibly 30 kms to walk at ground level. Before I reach the Lyell Highway way up in a north westerly direction, the Derwent River will empty into Lake King William.

When I flew up the Derwent River, and when Lake King William came into view, it was clearly a massive stretch of water.  See Michelle’s photos below.


PA280108Lake King William.JPG

PA280109lake King William.JPG


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