Nearing and then on the Lyell Highway

The pastures continued lush and green.

20150918_132218 20150918_133407

You can see a short stretch of the Derwent River in the second photo and the township of Gretna (the destination for this stage) is located on the hill above.

20150918_133542 20150918_133521

Massive log trucks, taking their pickings to market from our pristine wilderness forests, roared past me.

20150918_133413 20150918_133501

Before long the Lyell Highway, which connects Hobart to the west coast mining towns of Queenstown, Zeehan, Strahan and Rosebery, appeared in view.


I turned left towards the township of Gretna (which, I note was not listed on any of the signs in the vicinity of this intersection). A few isolated properties, of various vintages, edged the highway.

20150918_134526 20150918_134801

20150918_134532 20150918_134756

20150918_134903 20150918_135203

Each step took me closer to my destination for the day.


Then the Derwent River came back into view as it snaked its way beneath Gretna.

20150918_135353 20150918_135440

20150918_142556 20150918_142732

20150918_142734 20150918_142924

The sign indicating only 500 metres to the Gretna Green Hotel brought on the thought of a long cold drink and filled me with excitement.

5 thoughts on “Nearing and then on the Lyell Highway

  1. theoldfellowgoesrunning

    Love how you have a Google Map widget of your location. Technology is amazing.

    Great pictures. Everything is so green, which got me thinking, it is now springtime where you are. That cold drink at Gretna Green would be very inviting! 🙂



    1. Tasmanian traveller Post author

      I have used that Google widget for my location on a suburb basis rather than on the basis of my actual number and street address. I decided that I didn’t want to encourage weirdos turning up on my doorstep. But at least it gives people an indication of where in the Greater Hobart Area I live if they are interested to gauge what sort of travel is required for me to get to buses and get to my starting points.
      Like you I have loved the green of that landscape. I live in the city and while all the spring blossoms and bulbs are out, we don’t have these wonderful green paddocks to look at. So I am very grateful to have been able to walk out in the country and see that springtime lushness. One thing I thought strange was when I talked with locals in that area – they were aghast at the lack of rain and how dry everything is – it certainly didn’t look that way.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Tasmanian traveller Post author

      The power of these trucks is enormous and can almost lift you off the ground if they are speeding past. Have you ever been in Macquarie Street Hobart as they power down on their way to Triabunna? When the mill at Triabunna was still working, every few minutes one of these heavily laden trucks went through Hobart. It was sickening to think how much old growth forest was passing me by in split seconds.

      Liked by 1 person


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