The last metres into Gretna

Footsore and weary but exhilarated, I walked the final metres into the tiny township of Gretna by passing the exotic bright yellow flowering weed, which when a child I knew as, ‘Broom’.


I took my second last look at the Derwent River, and across to the land known as Triffitts Neck.


With slumped shoulders I passed the two locked gates which signalled a barrier to my starting the next stage of my walk.


But up above me on the immediate hill sat something remarkable.

20150918_143520 20150918_143706 20150918_143941 20150918_143945

You can see the Derwent curving around the bottom of the hill, in the distance. An earlier posting included a professional photographer’s shot of this cemetery cross taken from a different angle.

Finally, step after step I reached the town sign and gave myself a mental pat on the back.

20150918_143816 20150918_143830

6 thoughts on “The last metres into Gretna

    1. Tasmanian traveller Post author

      I think it is the choice of location which is so amazing. I see it as something that represents the memory of dead diggers and overlooks the landscape to remind people. Whoever came up with the idea of starting the cemetery here was inspired.

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  1. RuthsArc

    I’ve just caught up with your recent posts on this section of your walk. Lovely words and photos, blue skies and more interesting places. I enjoy learning about these places that I have driven through but not taken the time to stop and explore. Thank you and looking forward to next stage of your adventure.


    1. Tasmanian traveller Post author

      On days like today with the overcast skies it is good to relocate those blue sky photos as background on the computer.Before I walk away from the computer I minimise what I am working on then feel quite happy coming back to look at those gorgeous skies and landscapes.

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