Uphill on a narrow road

The sun was out and when I looked in one direction, the sky was cloudlessly blue. Stunning! The high plateau of Kenmore Hill was high above the opposite side of the Derwent River.

20150918_123800 20150918_123323

The views were green and rural and the Derwent River ran at the bottom of this hill.

20150918_124602 20150918_125202

This farm was very inviting with only a few house animals – walking in the shadows of the tall gum and wattle trees on the river banks could have been a pleasure. On this property stood a sign alerting me to danger:  Trespassers will be shot.  So as delightful as walking the river bank might have been, I chose to keep away.


4 thoughts on “Uphill on a narrow road

  1. marybuchananbailey

    Do you remember the crocoite mine down the West Coast with a sign saying similar to ‘trespasses shot’? And down you drove the winding zig zag road with Jon sitting up beside you? Can’t remember why you turned back. I was a scaredty cat and stayed out.



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