The scenic walk and something for people living with a disability

My walking pathway along the scenic edge of the Derwent River on Stage 14, passed between the New Norfolk Caravan Park and the glistening river water, so I continued unhindered to amble amidst the glow of autumn gold leaves.

By 2.40pm a new jetty presented on my right, public toilets and a Bowling Club were on my left and, in the air, wild geese honked. I could hear quacking ducks on the river.  I watched squalling seagulls fighting over nothing or so it seemed. A No Through Road sign was set only to control vehicular traffic and it was clear pedestrians were welcome to continue onwards.


As I approached a large flat platform, at 2.45pm, I couldn’t work out what its reason for existence was.  What I saw was:


When I read the sign its intended use was clear.


This is the first time I have seen equipment or structures set out in a community/public space for a person who has a disability so s/he can continue their sport.  I was very impressed.

By 2.50 pm I had looked up onto the top of the hill to my left to see the still functioning 1825 heritage Bush Inn (the Inn was built in 1815). Apparently this is the oldest continuously licensed pub in Australia. You can read more information at


6 thoughts on “The scenic walk and something for people living with a disability

  1. John

    I saw the platform and immediately thought, ‘for feeding the crocs’.

    Talk about selling Tasmania. It’s just as I always remember. Beautiful.


  2. DeeScribes

    Of course you took the photo and posted it knowing I would comment 🙂 We have several platforms along our rivers here as well. They are used by many, not just those who have disabilities. I’m glad you found one in Tasmania too. I’m sure there are others. Now I will go search for more information.


    1. Tasmanian traveller Post author

      Of course I did. But I also had to comment because I had never seen one before. The platform was also useful for me because I had a secure footing on the edge of the river; instead of the potentially collapsible river edges (beautiful as they are, they didn’t give me confidence when I wanted to get a closer look). So the platform made it easy to look down into the clear water and see what was happening, as well as up and down stream. A wonderful idea that benefited many people. But of course you are right; I had to mention it – couldn’t leave it out – just so you knew I continue to think of you (albeit in warming spring time while the opposite is happening here).

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