Tynwald Park and sports fields reached on Stage 14

By 1.30 pm I had passed the Tynwald estate and arrived at the flat expanses of sports fields that lie next to the Lachlan River, a feeder into the Derwent River.

20150413_133019 20150413_133131

It seemed a perfect place for a lunch break. When I was ready to leave, a sign gave me two options by which to reach New  Norfolk: take a track along the Lachlan River or take another track next to the Derwent River. I chose the latter and continued across a tiny bridge.

20150413_135133 20150413_133222

4 thoughts on “Tynwald Park and sports fields reached on Stage 14

  1. Alexandra

    Glorious scenic photographs. Beautiful Derwent Valley (and River walk) in Autumn. Each year I think I should go to the Autumn Festival and never get there.



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