Arrival at the ramp for launching boats into the Derwent River on Stage 14

I reached this beautiful location at 12.50pm, took in the surroundings and watched other visitors casually meandering around the area.

20150413_125843 20150413_125937

20150413_130027 20150413_125924

20150413_125928 20150413_125905

A sign provided boat safety information.  On the second photo, an arrow points to the location of the boat ramp.

20150413_125729 Arrow to boat ramp

I felt I could stay here forever. I was warm in the sun, the sky was so blue and clear, no wind forced its way around the curves of the river and into this environment, the water was so clear I could watch a school of eating-size fish swimming around, and the perfect reflections on the river all contributed to my great sense of well being. For this alone, the Stage 14 of my walk along the Derwent River had been worthwhile.

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