Impressive swim down the Derwent River on Saturday

The air temperature didn’t rise above 20 degrees C and while I do not know the Derwent River’s water temperature, I imagine the swim was invigorating to say the least.

On Saturday, a Massachusetts (USA) marathon swimmer survived an overarm feat that nobody apparently has completed for 40 years. He swam from New Norfolk, 19kms by road west of Bridgewater Bridge (the Bridge I reached when walking a few Stages ago), southwards until he reached the Tasman Bridge which is the last bridge across the Derwent River before the mouth of the River. Dan Curtis began ‘The Big Swim’ at 6am and just on 10pm he reached his destination.  Photos of the man ( indicate he is no spring chicken so I am very impressed.  This is another wonderful example of having a goal, giving it a go, then finding out whether success is possible.

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