Walking next to the Derwent River. The proof.

By accident, I videoed my feet as I walked across the ground near the Derwent Entertainment Centre in the southern extremities of the Glenorchy Arts and Sculpture Park (GASP).  The video lasts 53 seconds, which when you watch seems a long time, and reminds me of the unchanging nature and relentlessness of some of the films of Andy Warhol decades ago.


4 thoughts on “Walking next to the Derwent River. The proof.

  1. Liz

    Got it this time – brings back memories of walking not far from the Derwent when we lived in Tassie. And hey, you’re walking at a good steady pace! Rounded out with a great end photo! Keep up the great work – we’re enjoying the scenery and your commentary!


    1. Tasmanian traveller Post author

      Thanks. There is so much more to come however I will have to write the other details during the week. The reason is that despite today being sunny and gorgeous, NBN is coming tomorrow to dig and connect me,so I need to be prepared and clear the garden appropriately. Now out into the sparkling air!



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