Lowestoft Bay in Berriedale on my 9th walk along the Derwent River

Wandering down the track towards Lowestoft Bay, Berriedale’s Caravan Park and the headland with MONA were visible.

Towards MONAacross Lowestoft and Cameron Bays  20141125_145110

Eventually at 3pm, I reached the northern end of the Lowestoft Bay and could see the Bay stretching around to the Berriedale Caravan Park.


Once on the open mowed green parklands, clear walking tracks were easily accessible.

The most amazing discovery of this 9th stage of my walk along the Derwent River was a significant memorial to the dogs that had been part of Australia’s fighting forces.

Three different components constituted the memorial.

  • A panel detailed the stories of some of the dogs.


  • Vertical panels placed at intervals along the Lowestoft Bay waterfront with the names of the dogs and the wars they had fought in. For example:


  • A paved and constructed place for quiet contemplation


This memorial was so unexpected; a remarkable series of features the like of which I have never seen before.  How many readers knew it was there?

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