Vistas of water

I am fortunate to live in a part of Hobart with daily views of the Derwent River.  Travelling to and from work in the city, I bus over one of the river’s main bridges the Tasman Bridge. In these ways, I see the wonderful watery play of the moods, colours and water traffic across the Derwent River.

Since many people from around the world now read this blog I am reminded of the watery views near some of those readers. Most recently, the blog statistics indicated I have some Greek readers.

A few months ago I visited Greece, and while I am probably one of few travellers who did not ferry around the islands, from the mainland I did look out at the glorious expanses of the Aegean Sea and marvel at the islands in the distance. The joys of discovery were not limited to searching in the distance. Sometimes, as I found, you can enjoy the sea even more because of structures on the land – you can see through them and they create frames for seeing other landscapes. South-east of Athens is a ruined temple, the Temple of  Poseidon. Almost picture postcard imagery. I had to keep pinching myself.  I was there.  I smelled the freshness of the wind.  I tasted the salt on the air. I felt the sparkle of the sun in my eyes. I heard the passing of seabirds. And I touched the remnants of the workmanship of creativity from over 2000 years ago. And there below and spread out into the distance was the deep blue of the water capped by the blue of the sky.  The gods certainly found one part of paradise.

The photo shows the ruins of the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounio/Sounion located south east of Athens, Greece.  I hope you can you feel the sun in the air.

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