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Silent travelling

Last weekend, The Age newspaper published Louise Southerden’s two page article ‘The quiet Australian’. I read her point of view with interest and agreement.  I am delighted to be able to share it because the article can be accessed at http://www.traveller.com.au/digital-detox-savouring-silence-how-to-escape-the-crowds-when-travelling-11580o. Online the title of the article is ‘Digital detox, savouring silence: How to escape the crowds when travelling’.

In particular, I loved her comment: “I’m all for silent appreciation…Why hoot and holler when you can stand and stare?”

Louise defines herself on https://twitter.com/noimpactgirl.  After all my resource intensive overseas trips in recent years, I recognise that my current project to walk the length of the Derwent River is a way to reduce my carbon footprint and reduce my impact as I move around.

People and their projects

This blog records my walk along the Derwent River, as my own special project. On my second walk, I met a woman who with a group of friends had started the project of walking every beach in the City of Clarence local government area – all 94 kilometres. When I met her, already 87 kilometres had been covered.

Today in the The Age newspaper journalist Lawrence Money introduced the story of “One woman’s epic bike trek to Timbuktu and beyond”. Kate Leeming, a Melbourne woman cycled on her own, from the west coast to the east coast of Africa over 10 months. In addition, I learnt previously she had cycled across Russia alone, and currently is planning to ride a ‘polar cycle’ across the Antarctic.

Kate’s cycling treks are really enormous personal projects, the like of which I could never consider. Nevertheless, it confirms me in the belief that we can all find our own projects, small or large, long or short and keep actively discovering the limits of ourselves and our environment, whether near or far from where we live.