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A long distance walk

Hundreds of dedicated long distance trails have been defined over the centuries or more recently in different parts of the world.  To the east, across the ocean from Tasmania, lies the very beautiful country New Zealand and today I learned that a walking trail Te Araroa extends the length of the country over 3068km.

In 2013, Australian Laura Waters completed the trek often walking solo in some of the most challenging parts of the country.  Currently she is writing a book about the experience but, in the meantime, you can read her blog of the walk at http://soultrekkers.com.au/blog/.  An interview with her has been transcribed at http://www.newzealandonfoot.com/catching-up-with-a-te-araroa-thru-hiker.

The June-July 2015 issue of the magazine Great Walks Australia’s Bushwalking Magazine includes an article with glorious photos and her 10 tips for managing such a walk.  I was interested to learn she carried 18kgs at the beginning of her walk, and only 12 kgs at the end – obviously having become more ruthless about what was essential. Laura Water’s trek is another example of someone making their dream happen.  When she says ‘You’re capable of more than you think” and “don’t let fear get in the way of progress. The reality is often never as bad as you imagine it to be”, I hope this will inspire you to seek out your own projects, however large or small and pursue them with a passion – wherever you live, or wherever you travel.