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Down the 99 steps and towards the New Norfolk Caravan Park

The initial few metres of mildly inclining path gave no warning of the steps to follow.


20150413_142631 20150413_142738

I loved looking upstream along the blue Derwent River on such a majestic day.


Once at river level, I wandered through a dappled glade.


At the start of the caravan park I spotted a panel providing information about the Derwent River, related historical features and the development of New Norfolk.

20150413_143340 20150413_143348 20150413_143354

The time, at this part of Stage 14 of my walk along the Derwent River, was 2.35 pm.

The 99 steps down to the Derwent River

On a bench seat, at the fork in my path towards the New Norfolk Bridge on my Stage 14 walk, sat an elderly couple, their faces to the sun.

When I admired the view, vociferously and without drawing breath, they competed to give me directions to a place for even better views from the other side of the River.

If you want a view, you should drive … and then go up … and then across; see that over there. Go up and then you will get  your view. A good view. If you like views, that’s where you oughtta go. Where dja leave y’ car?’  …. ‘Oh.  Well, the track down to the river has 99 steps.’ He pointed to the righthand track.

I asked where those 99 steps went. Would I have to retrace my steps and climb those 99 steps later. ‘No but there are 99 steps to go down.’  ‘So where do these 99 steps lead?’, I asked.  Finally, I understood these steps would connect with a pathway to the New Norfolk bridge.  Thanks to these helpful locals.

After their walk and because of meeting me with my confusion about which path to take, the woman told me she planned to go into New Norfolk, walk into the Derwent Valley Council building and tell ‘them’ to get signs put up on the tracks so people know where to go. I could imagine the determination with which she would tell ‘them’ what should be done.

The arrow on the map below points to where the 99 steps descend. You can see a yellow road on the left; the one that crosses the New Norfolk bridge.  At the top of the 99 steps, I was not far from my destination.

Map of location of 99 steps