Walking on an industrial site – posting 3 of 5

After we rounded the hill, it was the colour and nature of grasses which took my attention.





The waving grasses skirted a wetlands including ponds and dams. These were created as a treatment works so that water entering the Derwent River is unpolluted.  Deceptively simple, but complex and sophisticated. Some of these treatment areas are located in the foreground of the following photos;





20170227_105017.jpgI particularly liked walking along the reclaimed track next to the water of the Derwent and watching a pair of Gulls with their two immature offspring. These were either Kelp or Pacific Gulls. I suspect they were the latter because their yellow bills did not seem so large as those typical of a Pacific Gull.


Looking across to the eastern shore I recognised the inlet of Shag Bay, an area which has been the topic of a number of previous blog postings; for example,  refer here and here.


I was pleased to see that on a normal working day, someone still had the luxury of time to be sailing.


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