Panoramic views

I continued walking up and down the cleared land of the undulating landscape forever keeping as close to the Cluny Lagoon as practicable.


And occasionally I deviated away from the river to capture the panorama.




In addition, I felt compelled to take photos of the towers and wires which remind me that the water of the Derwent River is being used to generate electricity.  Cluny Lagoon exists to keep us electrified.





4 thoughts on “Panoramic views

  1. Helen Chuter

    Yes it does look dry.i like the photos. Driving up and down from the east coast over the past few days, it was great to see how the recent heavy rains have ‘greened up’ the East coast markedly. Not so much rain in the cluny dam area though…a bit more there would be good.


    1. Tasmanian traveller Post author

      hi Helen Yes all the farmers would agree with you. It still is as dry as you can imagine out west. Sheep owners are selling stock now because there is insufficient feed. Very sad for those on the land.



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