The quest for water to drink

The road narrowed. The road verges reduced in width. The traffic sped past. Vegetation grew rampantly between the road and the Derwent River. The river poured towards the sea. And I walked, occasionally sipping, and wondered what I would see over each new crest or around each corner.  Would I find accessible water?

20150918_092043 20150918_092225

20150918_092351 20150918_092652

20150918_092537 20150918_093456

A cluster of large rocks and a pull-off area for vehicles alerted me to a new chance to reach water.


Rayners Corner

At the bottom of the incline, a rocky track was extended into the River with a few rocks – most suitable to fish from. And most suitable from which to fill up a water bottle! This location was on the opposite side of the river from a mapped point known as Rayners Corner (although not showing on Google Maps).


I sat for a while and soaked in the clean atmosphere.  Looking back down the river I watched the hard glassy flows of the Derwent.


Then I made a short video scanning the environment.

Marvellous place. Marvellous water.

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