Meditation and peacefulness

I find that listening and looking from within the natural environment revives my soul and lifts my spirits. Partly this comes from the rhythm of taking each step, the regular intake and exhaling of breath, and then the quality of the fresh air touching all parts of me.

Here are a couple of small videos I made when skirting around Reids Fruits property.  These offer the sounds that most relax me.   and

The photographs below show a selection of river views taken as I continued walking around the edge of the Reids Fruits property.

20150917_125210 20150917_125217 20150917_125412 20150917_125820

I kept walking and  soon found the railway line was fenced off close by. As I looked back over the route I had taken, unfamiliar parts of Mount Wellington could be spotted on the horizon.


While I understand the need for fences, if they were taken away then this place on the river bank near Plenty Tasmania would be truly idyllic.

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