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Along Selfs Point Road

Having left the Marine Esplanade next to New Town Creek, after five minutes’ strolling along Queens Walk, I looked at the high rise Queens Walk Apartments (previously known as Stainforth Court) on the other side of the road.


Almost immediately I turned left into hoon marked Selfs Point Road with one end of the Cornelian Bay cemetery on the right.


Shortly afterwards I was passing a Sport and Recreation Centre and Rugby Park on the left.  Further along, the extensive boarding facilities of the Hobart Cat Centre was open on my left.  More information is available on http://www.hobartcatcentre.com.au/ in case you would like to adopt a cat.

I continued past the Sewage Treatment Plant.

20150109_135733  20150109_135739

Before long I was passing a depot for refilling gas bottles.


Then I moved past the tanks associated with different oil companies such as Shell, BP,Origin Gas and Caltex.

20150109_140032  20150109_140545  20150109_140908

Access to the Derwent River was impossible so I continued along Selfs Point Road and was forced to walk around a bar across the road to prevent traffic continuing.  A little after 2.15pm I reached a high fence with a locked gate across the road. I never did reach Selfs Point at the edge of the Derwent River.