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Great Walks Photo competition

I am a subscriber to the wonderful Great Walks Australian magazine.

Its latest offer is a photo competition which, as it turns out, I have nothing to offer.  The rules include a need to submit photos greater in size than 5MB. After looking through the thousands of photos which I have taken over the past year or so, none of those over this required size meet the other essential criteria.  Alas.

So, I want to turn it over to others who may not be aware. I love the sites of some of my blog followers; particularly those who are photographers taking brilliant shots within Tasmania’s wilderness environment. I believe all of these bloggers may find this competition something to which they can contribute. More can be read about the competition at Great Walks.

Please let me know if you enter … and then, if you are successful I would like to know. Best wishes!

Derwent River: time-lapse photographic display

The Derwent Project’s website contains engaging images from cameras located at various points along the edge of the Derwent River.

There is a great deal of viewing to be done across this site including the page with the time-lapse videos.

Because of the imagery on this site, I find it possible to appreciate the environment and weather changes in a simpler way.  I feel sure that if you can’t walk or drive along the Derwent River, watching these videos should give some sense of the pleasure that is possible.