2 thoughts on “Suddenly the river appears

  1. marionstoneman

    I wonder was your joy, like mine, tempered by despair about the land ‘management’ practices evident on the river banks? How much precious topsoil has ended up in the river (and elsewhere), I can’t help wondering!


    1. Tasmanian traveller Post author

      Good question. Early during my walks along the Derwent, I decided that avoiding thinking about what farmers did and do would be the best for my sanity. Further up in the Derwent Valley there have been a few trees planted (not counting the plantation forests which raise other issues) but mostly the agricultural landscape is one of smooth undulating hills. Earlier posts have shown photos of the deep fissures across some of this land in the summer months. Erosion has been a natural consequence. So when I was able to walk in forests which had been tampered with very little, these were a great pleasure.



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