Sheets of silk and other flood coping mechanisms


With the rains earlier this year came an intriguing phenomenon not seen often.  Stunningly beautiful nets spread across bushes and trees- what were these and where did they come from?  Refer article 1 .  Refer article 2

Incidentally, the tiger snake shown in the Mercury newspaper article produces a highly toxic venom and I am surprised to see it being handled in a seemingly casual manner.  Parks and Wildlife Service Tasmania provide further information: “The highly toxic venom is produced in large amounts. The venom is mainly neurotoxic, affecting the central nervous system, but also causes muscle damage and affects blood clotting. The breakdown of muscle tissue can lead to kidney failure.” I never saw a tiger snake during my walks but they would have been around me on many occasions.  Thankfully they are shy and will not attack unless cornered or threatened in some way. I was always wary of accidentally standing on one if it crossed my path.

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