Tarraleah Canal No 1 walk – structural differences in the Canal

The Canal comprised three different flume structures;

  1. In the ground channel



  1. In or on the ground narrower channel with concrete or metal arms across the top





  1. Raised aqueduct









4 thoughts on “Tarraleah Canal No 1 walk – structural differences in the Canal

  1. True North Nomad

    This looks like a remote location for this kind of infrastructure, but as an aquaduct it must be close to the town. I didn’t think aquaducts were still around! Very interesting.


    1. Tasmanian traveller Post author

      Hi True Nomad. Good to receive your comment. As I wrote this post I realised we use words interchangeably in ways we perhaps shouldn’t. While the map labels this a Canal, Hydro Tasmania refer to these as flumes, and then, because I think of anything up in the air spanning an area from a hill to hill or across a gorge as an aqueduct, I so named those sections with the raised pillars. Whether I am correct I don’t know. However I know historical or contemporary waterways may be called aqueducts when they are in the ground,although others are raised. By the way, the closest town was perhaps 20-30 kms away – and this Derwent River water wasn’t flowing to pr0vide water for the town, rather to reach a Power Station and generate electricity.



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