Down from the Alum Cliffs onto Tyndall Beach on the edge of the Derwent River

Discovering the Alum Cliffs had been a goal and now this part of the Stage 12 walk (on the cliffs) along the edge of the Derwent River was coming to an end. At 11.42 am I was walking above Tyndall Beach and a minute later reached the sign indicating a steep pathway leading down to the beach.

20150202_114250 20150202_114603

By 11.49am I was walking on the softly squishing expressive white sand. The day was now overcast, but it was refreshing to be at sea/river level again and feel the onshore breeze.  I noticed a track continued at the cliff bottom along a grassy area but chose not to take that route when I saw a sign indicating snakes might be around.


I have never seen this sign before in Australia.

20150202_114944 20150202_115006 20150202_115435 20150202_115423

I walked along the sand until I reached Browns River, then turned inland along the river until I arrived at the Christopher Johnson Memorial Park with its public toilet, picnic tables and kids play area near the cross bridge.

At midday I stopped for a lunch break on this reserve and watched contented dogs and owners roaming.  A very brave Mr Blue Wren grabbed at insects in the grass around my feet and talked away to me (or someone – never saw Mrs Wren) incessantly. Parts of his wings were iridescent blue in the light of the greying day. I was afraid to move and frighten him away.  Wonderful.

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